Remain With Us

By Fr. Hughes on May 10, 2017

During the Year of the Eucharist proclaimed by Saint John Paul 11. In his letter he wrote introducing that special year to us goes by the name of “Manis Nobiscum”, two Latin words which mean, “Remain with us”. These are the very words that the two disciples spoke to Jesus, urging him to stay with them a little longer. In this letter of Saint John Paul II, he strongly and firmly connected our celebration of the Eucharist with the way we live our daily lives. Allow me to share with you a paragraph from the letter of Saint John Paul 11. “The Eucharist is not merely an expression of communion in the Church’s life; it is also a project of solidarity for all of humanity. In the celebration of the Eucharist the Church constantly renews her awareness of being a ‘sign and instrument’ not only of intimate union with God but also of the unity of the whole human race…The Christian who takes part in the Eucharist learns to become a promoter of communion, peace and solidarity in every situation. More than ever, our troubled world, which began the new Millennium with the spectre of terrorism and the tragedy of war, demands that Christians learn to experience the Eucharist as a great school of peace…”, (Par. 27, Mane Nobiscum). Saint John Paul is clearly saying that the Eucharist is a divine mystery which moves us to union and solidarity with all of humanity. The more deeply we enter into this celebration, the more we should be committed to bringing peace and justice to all the earth. It is the greatest prayer that the Church celebrate.

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