Finding Christ

By Fr. Hughes on January 4, 2016

Having celebrated Christ’s birthday a few days ago, the Church is now asking us to consider how we must still search for Christ. Just as we have to spend time with our friends, and with our marriage partners, if we are to nourish those relationships, so we have to spend time in prayer with Jesus. And even though there are many kinds of prayer, at times we have to put aside our formal prayers and our devotional books, so that we can enter into conversation with Christ. In such a conversation, we can talk freely about what is going on in our lives. Just as friends share what is happening with each other so that they can grow closer, so we do with Jesus. We tell him about our joys and our troubles. We bring to him our sorrows and our present problems. Love is the other favoured place to find Christ. Christ is found in those who love and in those who are loved. He is found in those who love because God is love, and wherever we find love, we find God. And so wherever we find a truly loving person, we should be thankful that Christ has revealed himself to us in that person. But Christ is also there whenever anyone is in need. Our faith is tested every time we see someone who is hungry or sick or alienated. We must not neglect him when we meet him in someone who is in great need. May our searching and seeking of Christ draw us closer to him and to one another.

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