Marriage Prep

A minimum of six months notice with one of the parties registered in the Parish and practicing their Faith. The Marriage Preparation Course is mandatory. Click (here) for more Archdiocesan Marriage Prep Program.  Please ask for the Guidelines for the celebration of Marriage.  A civil marriage is not required before a Sacramental Marriage in Canada. In order for a The Catholic party to have a valid marriage in the church, they must be married by a priest in the Church.  Common Law relationships or civil marriages are not valid in the Church, in fact any person in this type of relationship, have placed themselves outside the teaching of the Church, and therefore cannot  receive any of the Sacraments, you are living in mortal sin,  which needs to be corrected.



If your marriage was not celebrated as a Sacrament and you wish it to be recognized by the church, then call the parish office to make appointment to see Father.